Sunday, March 20, 2016

Army Engineers shouldn’t have been at WCF organized by ‘Art of Living’

Army engineers and equipment were called in to build two pontoon bridges over Yamuna River’s flood plain at Delhi for ‘World Culture Fest’ organized by Art of Living foundation. It is another matter that ‘National Green Tribunal - NGT’ expressed concerns about the impact of lakhs of visitors coming to this program and construction of these structures on already fragile ecosystem of Yamuna.

Why government asked army to build bridges for a private, religious program in the first place?

There may not be a rule which specifically prohibits these type of deployments; but is it correct to use army’s manpower for private events? Even though Art of Living claims that it’s a charitable trust, their courses costs a lot.

Today if it’s for Art of Living, tomorrow it will be for some other organizations. Army engineers have specific goals and objectives and government should say no when it has to say no. We shouldn’t set WCF as a precedence. 


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