Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Candle Light Economy

There was a time when candle light dinners carried a premium among hotels in Bangalore. Now these hoteliers are the most worried folks as power cut (also known by its glorified name - load shedding) is back in Bangalore with a bang. These power cuts enable the families to have candle light dinner every day!!!

Electricity boards says water level is much lower than expected in Karnataka’s reservoirs; thermal power plants are shut down for annual maintenance (or due to some technical issues). If our love for environment is progressing in this rate, then there will never be enough water in reservoirs. If we are looking forward for constructing new thermal power plants then higher pollution level will make sure that we won’t live much longer to complain about electricity shortages. In both ways Bangalore is doomed, unless we are trying to fix the root cause.


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