Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dadri Lynching: Modern UP or Medieval UP?

We often claims that, we are living in a modern society; we demand permanent seat in UN because we are the second most populous nation in the world and are upholding democratic values; we often criticise China for not being a democracy; we criticise Pakistan for its state sponsorship of terrorism; we claims that education will take us from stone age to modern world; our political parties set candidates on seats based on which caste they belongs to; the list is long. But what we really are?

When I look at the incident of public lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq at Dadri in UP; I can't hold myself from asking this basic question. Who we really are? I can't believe that people are ready to kill a person because he allegedly consumed cow meat. What more, in so called modern India, these rumours are enough to create a communal riot and subsequent death of so many individuals.

Where was this anger when so many innocent girls were raped privately and publically in the streets of UP and Bihar (for that matter in many other states as well)? Where is this social anger when system drinks all public welfare funds? Where this anger when public services are way below the standards? Where is this anger when your dear ones don’t get bed when you reach hospital? Where is this anger when your kid is not able to receive education because there is no school, teacher etc?

First think about these questions before killing someone based on some rumours. Is human life so cheap?


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