Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coffee at Midnight – Rasta Café

Honestly speaking, I was not so interested. If Daion was not so persuasive, I may not even go. As things often happen in the end, I also joined the journey to Rasta Café. When clock turned 12 at Friday night, we slowly woke up from our caves and jumped in to bikes. We mean - Me, Rakesh, Daion, Justo, Vivek, Gokul, Subi and Vishnu. By the way, Subi was more excited about riding his brand new Duke 200 than going to café.

As it turned out, the only person among us who already visited that café was Daion. Even though he displayed high confidence, we had our own doubts about the location. Anyway, we soon left Madiwala, Jayanagar etc and entered NICE road. Oh, no. I forgot to tell you, this didn’t happen so fast. In fact our Duke, which carried Subi and Vishnu, went in another way and travelled in and around Kanakpura. While they were roaming around the city like ghosts, we were waiting for them on road side as if peacock is waiting for rain. After some 30 minutes or so, we again saw the exhausted faces of Subi and Vishnu.

NICE road was good except the strong wind which always blew right into my ears. Just after crossing 50km in tachometer we reached at our destination. Oh, forgot to tell you, café moved some 12kms after Daion visited it last time (or where he saw it last time)

After seeing numerous boards, I thought it’s a big café. However, it turned out to occupy a small area of a large stretch of land with more than enough parking space. At one side, one can have their normal food and on other side you can enjoy hukka. Statutory warning: Smoking is injurious to health

After marking our entry to the list – 22nd – we started waiting for someone to call us. Like us, there were a lot of people sitting, standing and chatting in the grass, waiting for their turn to come. Someone called Rakesh and we were in. Now the next question was what to eat? After searching a lot in the menu book (and of course checking and rechecking the prices listed against) we finally gave orders… Another long wait for those items to come.

Meanwhile lot of cameras clicked here and there; you can see the result of those actions in this page itself. Ordered items came one by one, and we finished it as fast as we could. After spending some more time, in chit chats and testing all cameras there, we started our return journey.
By 5.30 in the morning we reached Madiwala and drank another set of tea for 1/15th of earlier one’s price. After everybody describes the highlights of the journey we slowly went back to the room for sleeping.

As the proverb goes, journey was better than destination. Especially after seeing ‘Rang De Basanti’, it was my long term wish to have a bike journey in groups at midnight. Needless to say, it was interesting and exciting!!!


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