Thursday, June 25, 2015

Are celebrities responsible for the quality of products they endorse?

One topic which blew hot for some time and captured the airtime in media (which otherwise are obsessed with Delhi power politics) was, whether celebrities are responsible for the products (and of course the defects it carries) they endorse? Many said – no, and many others said – yes, they are.

What I think is they are very much in the loop. Many brands, for an example consider soft drinks; which hardly have any nutritional value (I don’t think, even the CEO of Coke will say, drinking it is good for health) becomes so successful in market due to celebrity endorsement. Think about Pepsi and Coke without their media blitzkrieg during cricket matches. Without cricket, cricketers and Bollywood heroes these soft drinks may not have the popularity which it currently enjoys. Most often in celebrity endorsement, fans and others in some way or other are getting heavily influenced by the celebrity who actually endorses it.

In this way, while getting paid for those endorsements, celebrities to an extent responsible for the quality of product they are promoting. Isn’t it the duty of endorser to first try and understand the product before pushing it to public? Aren’t they responsible for the sentences they are saying in television? Yes, they are.


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