Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The sorry state of Dalits, even Gods are not allowed to enter their home

Discrimination is not new to Indians, it’s here for centuries. The belief is, over a period of time, it will reduce and soon become a part of history. However, the recent incidents from Tumkur area of Karnataka reveals the pathetic progress our nation achieved in eradicating this malaise, where people refuses to recognise others as fellow human beings.

As per the complaint lodged with Police, barbers in this area refused to cut the hair of Dalits. What more, as per The Hindu report, “at Panjiganahalli, where a case was reported of the locally powerful Nayaka community (Scheduled Tribe) preventing barbers from cutting hair of the Madiga community (Schedule Caste), the police have intervened to ensure that the latter were allowed into the salon”.

Irony is, even Gods are not allowed (by mere humans) to enter the house of Dalits. As per the reports, “When the idol is taken out during the annual Utsava, through the village to individual households, the houses of Dalits are given a miss.”

Can you believe that ‘Panjiganahalli’ is located just 140kms from India’s Silicon valley, Bangalore?


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