Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nightlife and Government – Do they have the right to say when to sleep?

I think whoever comes to power in India often misunderstand the meaning of governance. Authorities like to believe that, they are the guardian angel of people and ultimate repository of all moral, statutory and social authority. This misbelief is not limited to government or political parties alone, even those who claim to believe in so and so ideology have a firm conviction in this absolute power.
As per them, their interference is essential in all minute aspects of common man’s life. What he/she should wear, say; where he/she can go; what he/she can believe etc.
It is in this situation we have to look at Karnataka government’s decision to 'think about' extending nightlife in Bangalore city. As per ‘Indian Express’ report,
“state government is contemplating an extension of nightlife, at least in 5-star hotels, considering the demand from IT, BT and tourism sectors.
“Bengaluru is an international city, it is a global IT, BT hub. It attracts huge international business travellers and tourists. Then there are people who work till late in the night and find no place to go for food or beverages. We have received suggestions from all these segments for an extension of nightlife at least in 5-star hotels,” Home Minister K J George said here on Tuesday.
At present, bars and restaurants in the city have been allowed to extend service till 1 am on Friday and Saturday.
The present request is for 24X7 service, which means ensuring food and beverages service round-the-clock all seven days of the week.”
My problem with this argument is, why on 5 start hotels? Do they think that, those who don't stay in 5-star hotels are second class citizens? Why restorants has to close by 11pm or 1am epecially in a city like Bangalore where a lot of people work on late nights? Most importantly, who gave the rights to government to micromanage common man's sleeping pattern?

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