Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Return of Janata Party

An interesting political movement India currently witnessing is the consolidation of political parties to a particular group called Janata Parivar. By the way, there is hardly any ideology which brings them together. As often happens, the one fact which all of them have in common is the fear about the rise of BJP and protecting their base.

I wonder how long the Parivar will stay together. It is altogether different matter, whether Samajwadi Party (SP) – which hardly stands for ‘Samaj’ except in name; Rashtriya Janata Dal – which hardly ever cared about ‘Rashtriyata’; Janata Dal (United) – which showed some hope in the beginning and then went on a path about which one have any idea; Janata Dal (Secular) – which is more about a family and its affairs; Indian National Lokdal (whose leaders are in Jail over Recruitment scam) etc. will come together even for their own good.

What, leaders of these parties failed to understand is, India changed. The country is no longer the one, where they could supress people in the name of caste and religion. When Indians want their country to reach the level of Korea, Singapore and Japan; there is hardly any place for their narrow vision. More than coming together under a different a name, what they need to do is an introspection. Be the agent of modern Indian and try to do something for people.


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