Saturday, April 4, 2015

Konkon Reise - Netravati to Sabarmati: Part IX - Uduppi, The Krishna Town

Udupi is one of the major cities in Karnataka and is famous for Sri Krishna Temple and Udupi cuisine.
When I reached the station, time was too early to visit the temple. Hence I went to second class waiting room and tried to sleep there itself (in sitting position). Here I met a guy from Alleppey, who came to Udupi to attend an interview. He had nothing else to do till interview, which was scheduled at 10 in the morning. So he was also interested in coming to the temple with me. So we hired a prepaid auto from the station to the temple (temple is is some 3 kms away).
Sri Krishna Temple and Mutt
Established by Madhvacharya in 13th century; this is a complex of temples and monasteries located near Madhva Sarovara, or Madhvacharya's pond.
Main temple is constructed in an architectural style typical to Kerala and Dakshina Kannada, with multiple layers around the inner sanctum sanctorum, with no massive sikhara over it; as the case in elsewhere in South India.
Unlike other temples, deity in this temple faces west and is away from devotees. It is believed that, a lower-caste devotee named Kanakadasa was denied entry into the temple, so he tried worshiping from a small window outside it. The Lord was so pleased at his devotion that He turned around to face the window. The window is now known as Kanakana kindi, or Kanakadasa's window.
Like temples in Kerala here too men have to take off their shirts and vests to go inside.
After temple, my next destination was Malpe Fishing Harbour. As my new friend had to attend the interview, I said good-bye to him and walked towards bus stand. From this bus stand buses are available to Malpe.
Malpe Fishing Harbour
After some thirty minutes in bus I reached Malpe and walked towards fishing harbour. The place was very much alive with fishing boats, and people roaming around. A building on the right was manufacturing dry ice, small tipper lorries were carrying it to fishing boats. At one place fishermen were busy with fixing their nets. Further down, a small crane was pulling a small boat out of water.
It was an interesting place. In the end, I reached boat jetty from where I can catch a boat to St Mary’s Island. On its side there is a small ship manufacturing centre. Police’s patrol boats are also located here.
St Mary’s Island
Now the problem is, the boat is somewhat big and is not going to start unless it’s filled. They assured that by 9.00 more people will come. Well, another 30 minutes to go. Finally one school excursion party from Maharashtra’s Sangli came and I also joined with them. It took a while to reach St Mary’s Island. Its a small Island, if you walk for some 10 minutes you can reach the other side of the island.
The speciality of the Island (Coconut Island, St Mary’s Islands) is its rocks. We walked through the rocks and waters for some time, the structure of rocks looks very much interesting. After some 40 minutes we returned from the island.
There were hardly anything remained in the list. So I simply roamed around the city, drinking sugarcane juice. It was at this time, I remembered about Manipal - a nearby city which is very famous for its excellent (but costly) educational institutions. Bus to Manipal is available from City stand. After roaming here and there and talking to some of aluminis I headed to the planetarium. Unfortunately, I was closed for maintenance.
Now back to the city, and went to SeaBird office to catch the bus back to Bangalore.

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