Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mosul decree and the choice of others

Finally the word Caliph is back in political parlance. Leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, crowned himself (and started ruling?) as the new Caliph of vast swaths of land spread over Iraq and Syria captured by force in lightening assaults. Everyone, probably even Baghdahi, was surprised by the speed of conquest. As Iraqi military is concentrated on stopping the assaults than taking back the lost land; Syrian government on the other side is engaged in survival battle; and Americans are reluctant to bring their boots to the ground, there won’t be any immediate threat to his Caliphate.

As CNN reported, “Islamist militants, now occupying large regions of Iraq and Syria, have issued an ultimatum to the remaining Iraqi Christians in the city of Mosul: accept Islam, pay extra taxes to Islamic Sharia courts, or face "death by the sword."

There is no point of reasoning with Baghdadi. After all the group’s recent actions revels that they only understand the language of force and violence. As neither Iraqi nor Syrian military can dislodge ISIS (also known as ISIL, IS) from its current positon or take back the lost territory there is hardly any hope left for Christians in those areas. If ISIS are not even considerate to their own religion – reports reveals the summary execution of Soldiers and villagers – is there any hope left for other religionists?

Looks like Iraq and Syria are steadily sliding in to a perpetual war situation, just like what happened in vast swaths of Africa, Yemen and Afghanistan. This will only create lost generations. It will be better for Baghdadi to take a look on above mentioned regions and think whether he want the same fate for people living in lands currently controlled by his group.



1. Islamic extremists kill 270 in attack on a gas field in central Syria, report says - CNN

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