Saturday, July 26, 2014

Language Politics – Now the fight is against UPSC

Politics is also about creativity. If you don’t have a problem, then create a problem. If people are tired of an argument, then put the old wine in new bottle. Politicians everywhere is in constant search of finding a way to stay relevant among their supporters. If one didn’t bring much development to their region, then they are more vulnerable to act on ideas which hardly have any merit.

What is this newly found problem in UPSC preliminary exams? How suddenly a group of people found out that UPSC prelim exam (aka CSAT) is designed against their interests? By the way current pattern of CSAT was introduced some three years back. What makes the situation more ironic is the fact that, Hindi speaking region is in the forefront of these protests. Remember, in CSAT all questions and options in both papers are given in Hindi as well (Not in Bengali, not in Kannada…); except around 8 questions related to English Paragraph comprehension. These 8 questions are based on three English passages having one paragraph each.

Are they saying that these 3 passages are their main problem? In that case, people from Andra and Telengana can demand all questions in Telugu; Tamilnadu can demand all the questions printed in Tamil; people from Sikkim can demand exam in Nepali or Sikkimese… so on and so forth.

Do you consider these 8 questions in CSAT as a discrimination against Hindi speaking areas? If yes, then entire republic is showing discrimination against a lot of her citizens. Do you see any central government conducted exam’s question paper in Kokborok? Kokbork is a language from Tripura and have more than 9 lakh speakers (written using Bengali or Roman script). What about Bodo language of Asom or Santali language?

Why a republic after having more than six decade of independent life still feeling it difficult to settle on language issue? It’s time to get over with it. Irony is people’s representatives, instead of creating educational institutions and associated infrastructure in their respective states are engaged in stone throwing… instead of ending child labour and sending those kids back to schools, are supporting chauvinism… instead of saving kids from trafficking is interested in playing spoiler sport… instead of showing their power to stop illegal, unconstitutional diktats of Khap panchayat is throwing their weight behind an exam where kids from Bihar and UP also excel.

Stop this circus of protesting against everything.


Will these people -MPs, MLAs and MLCs who currently leading the protests - stop sending their kids to Australia, US, UK etc. and enroll them in local Hindi medium government school?


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