Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are we running backwards to Stone Age? Tribal warfare?

"Thirteen people of the Ror community have been arrested and heavy security deployed in Pabnawa village of Kaithal district in Haryana, after a 400-strong mob allegedly launched an attack on 150 Dalits on Saturday, causing some 200 Dalit families to flee the village. Their houses were allegedly looted and women humiliated...sequel to Dalit boy Suryakant’s marriage with Ror community girl Meena on April 10"

Are we running backward to reach those old days of tribal warfare? Did we struggle in all those days of National Movement and participated in post independence nation building, just to see this stone-age era warfare? India deserves to see better things...


  1. Our polity broods the division of society on caste lines. 'Unity in diversity'- a much acclaimed notion of our India is hampered for political interests and the result is caste consciousness and intolerance. A sense that threads all the people across the castes and the religions is to be cultivated and this needs a great leadership.