Wednesday, April 24, 2013

35% reservation for women in Bihar Police

"Bihar Cabinet... passed a grant 35 per cent reservation for women in recruitment of constables and sub-inspectors in reserved and as well as unreserved categories."

Bihar Cabinet nod for quota for women in police - The Hindu

I am not a supporter of reservation, but chronic under-representation of women in Indian law enforcing agencies really demand it. Effectiveness of Police force may or may not increase, but this decision will certainly make Police Stations more approachable for poor women. At the same time, reservation should be for a limited period of time (say 7 years); need to abolish once it achieved the stated goals and objectives; and should not go beyond 50%.


  1. Given our social perceptions, it is true that a woman police would better empathise with the women victims of sexual assault and the victim would express the entire brutality imposed on her with a woman police. Hence the dedicated women cells in police serves the purpose.

    Apart from that, there is NO scientific backing for the inability of the women candidates in police services. There is no male superiority and both genders are at equal footing in any sphere of life.

    Given our historical suppression and confinement of women to house hold activities, If woman candidates are not able to compete with their male counterparts,there can be relaxation of requirements to improve women representation. First, they need be encouraged to join by providing a congenial work environment.

    Moreover, not all the positions in police demand muscular ability. Officer cadre demands less or no muscular ability than the constabulary. And, If the reform measure of bifurcating 'Law & Order' and 'Investigation' is implemented, women, without any constraint, can occupy the positions in investigation.

    Therefore, dedicated woman cells, providing congenial work environment and relaxation of physical requirements for ground duty police
    can address the poor representation of women in police. But Dear friend, reservations once in, it is near impossible to abolish. Reservations is not the sole remedy to the problem systemic to our society.

  2. Reservations for women in legislative bodies is much more needed. And the same JD(U) party's stand in the Parliament is to oppose the women reservation in legislative bodies. Political will is required to tackle these problems which the Bihar govt wanted to address.