Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two year old flyover's collapse in Kolkata and India's infrastructure dream

Recently a flyover crashed down in Kolkata (Ultadanga area - connecting ‘Eastern Metropolitan bypass’ and ‘VIP Road’) taking down a truck carrying marbles along with it. Fortunately, accident occurred at 4.30 in the morning, when traffic was low.

Are you about to blame the old infrastructure? Wait a minute; this structure was just around 2 year old – sprang up under the recent spells of investments in infrastructure.

Crumpled flyover raises many questions. Currently, we are investing billions of rupees of tax payers and private money in creating new infrastructure - new roads, flyovers, railway tracks etc. In this rush are we properly ensuring whether proper procedures, quality assurance tests etc are followed in letter and spirit?

Hope that, the sound of a crashing down flyover will wake up people and force authorities to undertake strict quality tests. Otherwise India's trillion dollar infrastructure build up will end up as trillion dollar nightmare.



1. Truck falls into canal as portion of Kolkata flyover crashes - The Hindu

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  1. Our Nation's infrastructure aspirations have opened up new avenues for vested interests as in case of any other developmental project. We the people are at pity of our politicians whichever party they may belong. This is very much evident from the property disclosures of our legislators before each election. Business-administrator-politician nexus is proved to be highly remunerative. As a common man, as usual, let'hope the new proposed investment of trillion dollar will not went in vain and fulfill the Nation's infra requirements to regain our developmental momentum.