Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yet another high level committee to examine the future of Prasar Bharati (PB)!!!

Sheer paper weight of committee reports - Sengupta, Bakshi, Narayanamurthy etc – is already crushing DD to the ground. Will this new one make any difference? I believe there are two main pillars for broadcasting industry - content and viewer. I still rate many programs in DD National and DD News above that of their counter parts in private sector; however, I won’t say the same with DD's regional kids.

Let me ask some questions,

1. Is there any plan for DD to enhance their online presence?
2. Did they have a case study on how BBC works?
3. How much time required for DD to break a news story with live pictures from ground?
4. Are they ready to host big shows in line with 'The Big Fight', 'Face the Nation', 'India @ 9' etc?
5. Are they ready for hosting neutral political debates?
6. How far they are ready to move away from metros and toil in other cities?

There are lot more questions, hope that Sam Petroda commission report will do something better than wasting the storage space. By the way I would like to see its relationship with India as, what CNN for US or BBC for UK.


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