Thursday, July 19, 2012

Right To Education - Still struggling to take off?

An open air school in Tanzania
Neither you nor I can decide where we will born. It’s quite accidental. Is it a crime to born in a poor family? Who gave society the power to discriminate against the kids born in poor families and the so called lower classes? Who gave power to the school authorities to breach the personal dignity of kids? I am neither talking about the rich-poor divide nor talking about any heavy weight words like that.

My question is who gave power to a school authority in Bangalore to discriminate against a group of students enrolled under Anti-Discrimination law? If the allegations are correct, school staff cut off the tufts of their hair and denied same uniform as other students.

According to BBC (1),

"made to stand separately during assembly and they were forced to sit in the back benches of the class.....In Karnataka, more than 1,000 schools are on a week-long strike protesting against the implementation of the 25% quota under the Right to Education Act."

Education is one of the fundamental pillars in life. All other qualities that will develop later are created, supported or refined with the help of this pillar. It is one of the basic services state needs to ensure to all her citizens. If this right is guaranteed then all others will follow.

It is not necessary that everybody will like an act. If somebody doesn’t like they can protest, they can go to court, petition to the representatives (MPs, MLAs etc). If school authorities are not finding RTE financially viable, request government for funds and other resources; they can even approach the court as well. After all Right to Education Act was not passed yesterday or day before yesterday. Under any circumstances school authorities doesn't have any right to cut the tufts off student's hair or deny same uniform or make them sit in the back benches or any act which can affect the personal dignity of a kid.


1. BBC - India school faces inquiry for 'humiliating' poor children
2. The Hindu - Children of a lesser cut
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