Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chemical, Biological weapons and Syria

I don’t have the statistics right now. But most probably, bulk of government investments in science sector may be in developing new weapons. Weapons which can kill more people, damage more area in shortest possible time. No matter whether it’s nuclear, biological or chemical weapons; governments across the world tried or wished if they could have one. Rarely any administration admits these facts.

But this weak Syria did exactly the same. According to NewYork Times report,

“Any stock of W.M.D. or unconventional weapons that the Syrian Army possesses will never, never be used against the Syrian people or civilians during this crisis, under any circumstances,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman, Jihad Makdissi, said at a news conference shown live on Syrian state television, using the initials for weapons of mass destruction. “These weapons are made to be used strictly and only in the event of external aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic.”

The problem is that, according to Syrian government the current revolution going on in the country is the work of external forces. So if we can take the above statement in to face value there is no problem in using unconventional against them. According to Guardian report,

"While the statement Makdissi read out promised not to use the weapons against the Syrian people, he later noted that Syria is not facing an internal enemy in the rebellion, which the regime has described as being funded from abroad and driven by foreign extremists."

Will regime carry out their threat? Will it use chemical and/or biological weapons? I think the chances are very low. Current Syrian regime has hardy any friends to count on. After the usage of chemical/biological attack will it be possible for them to support Syria in international forums? In such a situation, it will be difficult for Russia and China to support Syria in Security Council. In the absence of their support, there will be a hurricane of sanctions from UN SC. Moreover such an action will easily open the door for direct interventions from NATO and US forces.

It may also take the current leaders to International Court of Justice for various charges. Even if they use the weapons, it will hardly deter the high flying fighter planes and bombers of US/ NATO. I don’t think even in the case of foreign military intervention, there will be any foreign soldier on foot (except perpaps Special Forces) in Syrian soil. So it will hardly affect US or NATO soldiers.

If revealing the secret of unconventional weapons doesn’t bring any comfort to the rigime as far as foreign intervention is concerned then what’s the use? I think these statements are for internal consumption. To self assure about the survival of current government and to deter the opposition from making bold moves. How far it can succeed is yet to see. Opposition may already figure out about the limitations of using unconventional weapons currently in government's hand...


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