Monday, May 21, 2012

Was it necessary for Sangma to say that “It’s tribal’s turn to become president?”

There is no doubt about the qualifications of P.A. Sangma for president’s post. He is a veteran politician, elected to LokSabha for 8 times, served as union minister, Loksabha speaker and Meghalaya Chief Minister. Apart from this he also holds a degree in law and a masters’ degree in International Relations.

Its tribal’s turn to become president says Sangma – The Hindu.

Even after all these qualifications it’s the above mentioned statement which concerns me. The question is political parties (its presidential elections) should support him for his qualifications or tribal tag? Why people are making themselves available for evaluation under something which is an accident? Did he decide his place of birth or anything related to that?

At the same time his experience in politics and educational qualifications are something which he earned. Why people – especially politicians – are not focussing on something which they earned rather than highlighting something which is an accident? Unfortunately this trend is now-a-days running its full stream in Indian politics.


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