Tuesday, May 22, 2012

60 years of Indian Parliament and the resolution to uphold the dignity and sanity

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, R. K. Shanmukham Chetty, Syama Prasad Mookerjee – all have something in common. All of them were members in the first cabinet of Independent India headed by J.Nehu; at the same time they were not congress men. Nehru took them to the cabinet even though they didn’t subscribe congress policies. That's the way Indian parliament worked in her early days.

From there we reached a stage were election commission had to reschedule the polls to RajyaSabha over the allegation of money power and horse trading. Adjourning LS and RS happens so often that, it will be great wonder if parliament can complete a full session without any walkout or forced adjournment.

In these days, can we imagine any ruling party giving 3 cabinet births to opposition members based on their merit? Now-a-days from deciding candidates name for elections to the final formation of ministry parties will calculate all the caste, religion permutations and combinations to find out the chance for them - all in the name of democracy!!! It’s not a rare incident to see the photos of candidates visiting the religious leaders before elections in the newspapers!!! What more, one CM even gave away his home portfolio to another minister to console all the communities and keep the religious ratios intact.

Even the numbers of people getting elected to parliament with criminal records are not coming down. Another worrisome matter is the role money in elections. How many of you saw 1 lakh INR in hard cash at a place? Now-a-days we are hearing about the seizure of crores of rupees from abandoned as well as moving cars and other vehicles before elections!!!

In a way it is interesting to see that the LS had to pass a resolution to uphold the dignity and sanity of the institution!!! Even now the hopes are not over. The beauty of democracy is whatever the representatives’ do; they have to come to the people’s court at least once in 5 years. And the election commission is doing everything they can do to make the elections free and fair. Apart from that we also have a good number of politicians with unyielding integrity occupying both houses cutting across party lines.

But this is not enough. Election commission may be able to make the elections free and fair. But it is we, the people of India, have to cast our vote by judging the candidates above the narrow caste, religious etc outlooks. We should make ourselves so powerful that nobody should even dare influence our judgement by showing us the lollipop of caste, religion, money etc. After all we will get the representatives we deserve!!!

It’s nothing less than a miracle that against all the ill predictions, Indian democracy still remains as an upholder of the will of the people for more than 60 years. Thanks to the founding fathers for designing the constitution and the parliament system by taking all the possibilities in to consideration. But its only 60 years, which is a short blip in the history of humanity, remember many strong and powerful empires ruled India for hundreds of years and then faded away. One main solution to keep ourselves from fading away in to the pages of history is to strengthen our institutions. Let us remember this all the time...

Parliamentary Resolution on the occasion of 60th anniversary

Also hope that all the members will upholds the resolution passed by the parliament on the 60th anniversary – ‘“We, the members... do hereby solemnly reaffirm our total and abiding commitment to the ideals cherished by our founding fathers, and resolve: to uphold and maintain the dignity, sanctity and supremacy of Parliament; to make Parliament an effective instrument of change and to strengthen democratic values and principles. “To enhance the accountability of the government towards the people through the oversight of Parliament, and; to rededicate ourselves completely to the sacred task of nation-building.”’


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