Saturday, May 28, 2011

Children of the Revolution - Flower Revolutions, Middle East and Beyond

Analysts are arguing about the ability of Flower Revolutions to change the thought process and political framework of North Africa and Arab heartland. Many of the analysis are concentrating on the future power equations in the area, how many autocratic regimes will be able to survive the uprising? How many people got killed and how many are yet to die? Will US, EU, UK, France etc will help them in attaining democracy? will these revolutions will slip in to the hands of extremists? who will be ultimate benefactors of the revolution, how it will affect the oil industry etc.

But one of the crucial point we often left out in these discussions is about the effect of this civil war like situation in children? How these lost years will affect there education? How many of them are already dead/crippled? How many are awaiting that fate? After all cluster bombs, shells, grenades etc can't differentiate between a small kid and an adult.

Here is a photo essay, which sheds some lights on this issue - "It's Their Country, Too"


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