Monday, April 12, 2010

Sania - Shoaib marriage and Indian Laws

Newspapers and electronic media are chewing and re-chewing the Sania - Shoaib news; like they don’t have anything else to report. All of a sudden price rice and farmers suicide doesn’t become a problem. Many people even suggested that it may even affect the Indo - Pak relations!!! What is this? Is there anything left in the world which can adversely affect the Indo - Pak relations? The more interesting things in this entire story is "Telephone Marriage" and superfast divorce. All these raises many questions about the vaidity and applicaility of Indian laws.

Its doesn’t matter who is going to marry Sania. It’s her choice; she can wed whomever she wants. People don’t have to bother about it.

But what is this telephone marriage? Is it valid in India or in any other part of the world? anyway it is an interesting concept!!! If it is valid then SMS marriage, Email marriage etc should be valid too. The next problem is how Shoaib get such a superfast divorce? What is Indian law regarding divorce? If such divorces are possible then what is the need for family courts and such long procedures?

We have to reevaluate at our own laws, its validity and applicability. What we need is a uniform personal law which is applicale in the entire land and waters ruled by Indian government. One should be able to find out what the law says in any situations. In this case what happened is – Everyone is creating their own laws and the state doesn’t have one.

Many even said that Sania should not marry shoaib - they forget that marriage is a personal choice. It is sure that any foreign person who is looking to this entire events will be bewildered by the fact that India doesn’t have a common marriage law (Is there any law in IPC or some other text which is applicable to every one?) even after 60 years of indepenence.

Time is already gone to create a uniform law. Atleast do it now, so that in the future courts can say something in the case of SMS and email marriages and Superfast divorces.


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