Friday, April 9, 2010

Build roads to Maoist HQ

What is the difference made in the life of tribal in the eastern- central India after we got independence? Did there connectivity to the rest of India improved? How many roads through which a bus can travel, rails are reaching these districts? How many schools or hospitals are there in these tribal regions? What is the mode of communication? Haw many subscribers are there in these tribal regions for the mobile companies?

But remember that these regions are one of the wealthiest regions of India. Trillions of dollars ores are lying under the ground. Multi National Companies are queue to get a piece of that cake.
It is an easy for insurgents to grow in these good soils. They have all the required things, poor or no communication facilities, absence of roads, poverty etc. Does it mean/makes that Maoists methods are right? There is no need for second thought. Its absolutely wrong. They are not fighting for the development of the area - Earlier it was the hobby of Maoists to blast the communication towers.

The recent attacks on security personals in the Maoists affected areas reflect the need for a well developed communication and transportation facilities. We are building a lot of roads in the insurgent hit Afghanistan, good; It also earned lot of good will. But it’s another matter that we being pushed from all the ends (except from the poor people) to scale down the activities!!!

But we have to replicate those activities here too. Make the best roads to the tribal and highly populated Maoist areas. It will make the transportation of troops very easy. Well maintained roads can do wonders. If any one has any doubts, please look towards north - China. They are developing the border regions with alarming speed, making roads to Pakistan and trying to connect to ‘Gwadar port’ by road; Connecting Tibet with remote part of China; new rail to link Nepal with China; heavily investing in trans Asian rail project connecting East Asia with China.

The heavy use of UAV (Unmanned Areal Vehicle) will be highly effective in planning and executing operation with clinical precision. Gather as much information as possible, and then plan the attack, if possible try to get the satellite images too.

Improvement of communication facilities is very important too. These tribal regions should have easy connectivity to district HQ, state capitals and New Delhi. Information is highly important, and how fast we get it is very important. Along with this we have to tap all the financial sources Maoists have - which they are using to procure guns, ammunition etc. With out a continuous flow of money it is not possible to go on for long.

Another important fact is intelligence, tap all the possible sources whatever it may be. Try to split them, across the world it is an established fact that buying insiders will make the movement week. It is sure that not all the cadres will be happy being and tagged as Maoists.

New Delhi have to think all the out of box solutions.


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