Friday, October 9, 2009

The otherside of Suicide bomb

According to the latest reports atleast 46people have been killed in a crowded area of Peshawar, a north western Pakistani city, and over a hundred injured. Many of the injured people are in critical situation. According to the list in BBC the major blasts that devastated north-western Pakistan are

5 October: Five killed in suicide blast in UN's Islamabad office
26 September: 16 killed in two car bombs in Peshawar and Bannu
18 September: 33 killed in market blast near Kohat
30 August: Suicide bomber kills 14 police recruits in Swat valley
27 August: 22 police guards killed at checkpoint on Afghan border
14 August: Seven killed in market blast in Dera Ismail Khan
5 June: Mosque blast kills at least 38 in Upper Dir district

Analysis says that now a days attacks are targetted towards common people. As these blasts are happening in the market places a lot of common people became victim of these bombs. After the recent blast one of the witness told AP that "I saw a blood-soaked leg landing close to me," he said. "I understood for the first time in my life what a doomsday would look like."

Now a days these blasts are common in Pakistan, and a good number of people are died in these blasts. It is rightly said that once an arrow shat it cant be taken back. Some of the people who died in the blast may be came to the market to buy some sweets to celebrate his son's/ Daughter's birthday, another may came to buy some medicine for his mother. But as bomb cant cant identify people, it neither leave a child or pregnant woman. In military jargon it may be called as collateral damage.

But this collatral damage brought darkness to many homes, in many cases families may lost their bread winner. To whom they will depend hereafter? Some may lost his/her father or mother or both, and became alone in this world. Who will give food to the small innocent child in each and every day?
Even if anyone helped these people, most of the time it will b short term monetery help. After all the smoke surrounded the incident is over there will not be anyone to help these victims.

Militant groups want Pakistan governemt to stop support NATO groups, NATO and US want the elimination of terrorist groups. But the clash of ideology and civilisations are not for common people. The values of ideology is zero before an empty stomach -it only hear and tell the voice of hungry.
Whether it is in India, Pakistan, China or wherever it is - in general common people have one voice in the end, allow us to live. They may support various ideologies in the begning. But in the end of the day life matters.
In this time of violence and bloodshed Pakistan government have to take action to protect all civilians of the country 'gracefully'. They should stop criticising India for each and every matter and work for the uplift of the nation.


List of Violent incidents in Pakistan
2.2 million IDPS in Pakistan: United Nations

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