Wednesday, October 14, 2009

India - Argentina bilateral trade agreements

[Argentine National Congress]

If you come to mid of Kerala in the tim of Soccer world cup you will be conused whether any meeting of United Nations is going on here. Flags of Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, France etc will be there on both sides of the road. Fans associations will be formed, they will enjoy each and every victoy of their favorite country. And nedless to say Argentina and Brazil will always attract a good number of people.

The recent Bilateral trade agreements signed between India and Argentina holds another critical importance to the Indian economic interests. Argentina is one of the rare south American countries famous in many parts of India especially for her brilliant football game. Still in my home state - Kerala - there are a lot of admirers for Argentinian football.

Yet we are making delays in formulating trade agreements with South American countries many of them are rich in mineral resources especially in oil. Consider the fact that its first time in the last 15 years a president of South American nation visits India. South America and Africa offers vast opportunities for Indian companies. The trade with these countries will not only help us in attaining more markets abroad but also adds much more leverage to India's position globally.

At the same time this will give new opportunities for Argentina to tap the growing demands from Indian energy sector. I think if they reach a deal with Indian medical sector, the cost of medical care will be more cheap in Argentina. Boh countries can cooperate much more in space, IT sector etc.

Ten bilateral agreements are signed at Argentinian president's(Cristina Fernandez) visit to India. These includes peaceful use of nuclear energy and elimination of visas; other areas are cooperation in sports, Science and Technology, geology, space , industry etc. A MoU is also signed between ONGC Videsh and Vidarsa companies.

There are many countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and Central and South East Asian region which are sill outiside of a trade agreement with India. We have to work hard to reach trade agreements with these countries. Once it established and give proper fertilizers in time then it will not be good for India and peace.

Will the agreements about the cooperation in sports will help India's football sector?


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