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Biyyam Kayal Ponnani - For a beautiful evening

Despite its proximity to Palakkad, I didn't explore much of Malappuram. While Nilambur was on my radar, my knowledge of other hidden gems was limited. I spent a lot of time in google maps extensively looking for places around and even in distant lands; yet, for some reason, overlooked this adjacent district. It wasn't until I spent a couple of weeks at my wife's home during her pregnancy that I delved into the intricate details of Malappuram. This period of exploration revealed enchanting spots such as the Padinjarekkara beach, Canoli canal, Chamravattom bridge, Ponnai fishing harbor, Karma road, and the captivating Biyyam Lagoon, locally known as Biyyam Kayal.


Evening view

This a length lagoon and it offers multiple viewpoints. However, I visited two main attractions: a regulator cum bridge and a suspension bridge, both conveniently accessible from NH66. The Biyyam Kayal Park is situated approximately 6 km from Ponnai and is equidistant from Edappal.

This historic regulator-cum-bridge serves as a crucial connection over the narrow expanse of the kayal. It stands as a testament to old craftsmanship and is easily accessible by bike or car, drawing mostly locals as visitors. Adjacent to the regulator, there is a small but nice park. During my evening visit, after parking my bike at one end, I traversed the vintage regulator, arriving at the opposite end at the park. Many people were sitting alone talking to in phone hardly cared about anything happening nearby!!! While in other areas, groups engaged in lively discussions and snacks. A common sight was at least one person in each group capturing photos or recording videos. While coming back, I used the associated bridge with blacktop. A couple of guys, both young and old, were engrossed in fishing. I lingered, observing the process – some got fish, while others, kept on trying their luck.

Associated bridge

View from top of the regulator

Slowly its becoming evening, after watching the sunset from the bridge, I call it as a day and went back. 

Biyyam suspension bridge

Good space for parking, walking and sitting at the side of the lagoon

Suspension bridge across the lagoon

Located approximately 8 km from Edappal and 4 km from Ponnani town, this narrow suspension bridge is a skeleton of her beautiful past. Similar structures span various rivers in this part of Kerala, with Kunthipuzha also featuring one or more of these bridges. Unfortunately, the common issue lies in the lack of maintenance, as those who initially construct these bridges often receive credit but seldom return for upkeep.

I, me, myself

The condition of this particular bridge raises concerns about safety, and one need to be careful while walking. Despite its worn appearance, I ascended the rustic steps and strolled towards the opposite end. Upon reaching the far side, made a U-turn, and retraced my steps. While lingering in the middle, I savored the scenic view of the beautiful and calm lake. This location also witness annual boat races. After a while, I returned to the parking area, where well-tiled spaces allowed for a serene evening experience, and sat there for some time. 


Walking in the park

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