Friday, November 24, 2023

Book of Life - 1

Fridays are often good. Day starts with the great expectation of upcoming weekends and day goes by making plans on how to spend the weekends and upcoming long holidays. In the office too people don't schedule meetings on Friday afternoons. Except for an unexpected deployment task, there was nothing scheduled for today. Most used portal on Friday (apart from work) is google maps. I usually go through the length and breadth of India in maps to see where I can plan my next trip. It’s interesting to see some overseas destinations too. However, flights are costly. So need to find a destination which can be reached via overnight train journey, overnight bus journey or up to one and half hour bike journey. Looking around my current location at Malappuram district, nothing much came up. Promising places are either already visited or not possible to reach there by early morning. This means nothing for Saturday, but something is still possible for Sunday. 

One interesting thing about this weekend is, I let all my entertainment plans expire. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sony, Docubay etc. Disney+Hotstar is probably still there but it’s a been a while since I watched that one. Will I renew some of them, over the weekend to watch a new series? May be; maybe not. I like the not part but it can happen. 

Now looking back at maps finally I selected several places from India's seventeen states. Out of those four are from states which I never visited – UP, HP, Uttarakhand, Assam, Sikkim and Meghalaya. Looking back in history, I think I may not be able to reach even a quarter of the places in the list. However, why should we look back? life is to look forward only!!!


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