Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Padinjarekkara Beach (Tirur)

Located at the western side (Arabian Sea) of Malappuram District of Kerala, this beach is a nice place to spend a wonderful evening. Beach sits just north of, confluence of Bharathapuzha (the longest river in the state of Kerala), Tirur River and Arabian Sea. One can reach here by taking the beautiful Karma road from Chamravattam Bridge (Chammaravattam Ayyappa Temple is located at the other end of the bridge) and then crossing the estury by boat from Ponnani Harbour. However, the way we always take is Tirur- Alathiyoor- Kuttayi- Padinjarekkara road. In Alathiyoor-Kuttayi stretch road is a little narrow; but good. One kilometer after crossing the Kuttayi bridge, the road became straight and wide till the end. From Tirur it will take around 18km to reach the beach. 

Padinjarekkara beach - way of water

Padinjarekkara beach - near by cafe

Way of water

People enjoying the sunset

There is enough parking (paid) space at the beach. Some entertainment options are available for kids as well. One side of the beach is dotted with Casuarina trees from here you can enjoy a distant view or walk to the waters to enjoy the waves for hours!!!


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