Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Time to add 'Access to Internet' as a fundamental right under Article 19

In Nirmal district of Indian state of Telangana, a bike accident between two people from two different communities resulted in communal violence. Police enforced section 144 of CrPC to control the situation. 

Nowadays not much is required to start a riot. What worries me here is, as per news reports, administration disconnected internet services in those areas during riot. This became a habit for government(s) - immediately disconnect the internet services whenever something goes wrong. In these days, internet is next only to food, dress, house, and electricity. It is very critical for living. From the functioning of ATM, attending online classes, work from home(WFH), ordering items online; for almost everything internet is essential. Government(s) should not disconnect the internet like that. Agree that people may spread the news(which might result in further violence) using the same system. But, it's the responsibility of the state to prevent riots without blocking something so fundamental to living. 

It's time to think about a constitutional amendment to add 'fair access to the Internet' under Article 19.


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