Monday, August 10, 2020

Opening a wrap hole to North-Eastern India - New gateways at Chattogram and Mongla

Chattogram to Agartala

Carrying two TEUs of TMT steel bars (for Agartala in Tripura) and another two TEUs of pulses (for Karimganj in Assam) she left Kolkata port. The destination of this ship is a port in Bangladesh called Chattogram. This is the new transit point for Indian cargo, destined to North-Eastern India. From Chattogram, containers will be shifted to Bangladeshi trucks and will start her final leg of the journey to northeastern Indian cities like Agartala.

Transit trade will be very beneficial for both countries. Rest of India will get a shorter route to North Eastern Region. This landlocked area will get an opening to the sea for trade. This route not just cut down transit time but also reduce fuel cost, and retail price. After all, the end-customer needs to pay for all transportation costs. 

For Bangladesh, waterways will be dredged and port infrastructure will be upgraded. GoI will bear 80% of project costs. Transit trade will generate additional revenue and business opportunities. In addition to increased traffic at Bangladeshi ports, Bangladeshi vessels and trucks will be benefitted. 

Another good news is, under Inland Water Transit and Trade, five more ports in each country will be designated as Port of call. This is in addition to six existing ports. This work is already in progress, in selected stretches.

More trade often brings countries close together and create shared prosperity.


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