Sunday, March 29, 2020

Break from Movies and Covid-19 lockout

Buddhist Tibetan Prayer Flag (My Thunderbird's) - I got this while opening old boxes.
It’s almost two weeks now; staying at home without going anywhere outside. Previously, all these kinds of occasions arise due to accidents and broken bones. This time, fortunately(?) its different – COVID-19 lockout. Don’t know how much longer it will last. Nowadays spending free time watching Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube. Weekdays are filled with tasks from office.

Today I did something different. A break from watching movies. Cleaned up my study room. There were a couple of carton boxes filled with hundreds of A4 print outs and hand-written notes. Some of them are more than a decade old. A huge chunk of those notes is about subjects that I tried to study in between and dropped. But I kept all those, assuming someday it will be of use. But no, I didn’t even open or read those notes for at least the past three years. So, I threw all those out and cleared the space. At least I did something different today, rather than spending all the time watching movies.

If you are stuck at home due to lockout, try to do one thing differently in every day.


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