Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Delhi Election Results - BJP need to move away from Hyper-nationalism and hyper-religionism

Arvind Kejriwal led AAP is going to rule Delhi for another 5 years. Victory of AAP is not unexpected but the scale with which they won is so high that even AAP might not be expecting that much. 

What made this election so uncomfortable for people who believe in India and her progress in 21st century is hyper-nationalism boosted with hyper-religionism of BJP campaign. 

For a long time, we tried decoupling India with Pakistan in world scene. To an extent we won also. Unfortunately, for last few years, every day tv programs in prime time, election campaigns are doing double work to couple the same again. We hear Pakistan and religion more often than pollution and jobs in Delhi. 

While economy is taking a nosedive; unemployment figures are the highest in four decades; future is looking grim we are getting pumped up with religion and nationalism. 

Another thing which is clear in these elections are, vote banks are slowly disappearing; at least in some states. Congress vote share was high in Lok Sabha elections. However, INC didn't even open an account in assembly elections. At the same time, BJP got Delhi in general elections; people clearly voted for Modi as prime minister, but all assembly elections can't be fought on Modi's popularity. Local leaders need to emerge.

Those who are afraid that hyper nationalism, hyper-religionism and BJPs version of socialism are taking over India; Delhi elections are a breather. Electricity, water, education, health care, economy, jobs etc do matter. 

BJP needs to do an introspection and move away from current campaign style. Branding all opponents as anti-nationals and calling people from other religions as jihadi is not going to work always.

INC need to work double time to bring their house in order. Inter party dirty politics is not going to give them any votes from general public.

For AAP welfarism not backed with a revenue model is not good for the health of state economy.


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