Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shooting the Messenger - Filing Case against Tribune reporter who exposed Aadhar Leaks

Assume that, you are going to invest in a fund to cover son's higher education expenditures. Your close relative knows this, and after some investigation he found out a critical flow in your selected fund. He informs you about it immediately. As per him, if you are not covering that part, then your investment may be in danger. What you will do? I think you will thank that relative. After all he helped you.

Isn't the same thing that Express Tribune reported did regarding Aadhar? He informed the concerned parties, government and public about the deep and dangerous flows in the system. What government should do? Isn't he deserve some thanks? but no, he was slapped with a case. Is this a citizen or a journalist should expect when they point out a problem to the government? I think we should protect our whistleblowers.

If someone wants to file a case, then I firmly believe it should be People of India Vs UIADI for not securing private and vital information of 1.3 billion people.



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