Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Constitution Day of India

Just like any other day, Nov 26 also gone. Decades back on this very day, constituent assembly of India adopted the constitution of India. The foundation, from which executive, legislature and judiciary draws power and look for guidance. Our constitution is the biggest in the world and probably the one which underwent largest number of changes. 

It may not be perfect, but numerous sections in that very book empowered Indians to understand and demand for their rights. It is also true that, we often short circuit the book by introducing frequent changes to it and by adding several laws as part of 9th schedule. By the way, 9th schedule was not part of original constitution. This schedule was later added through 1st amendment. Governments over a period, added numerous laws to this section which otherwise won’t survive judicial scrutiny. The book also contains sections which split Indian society midway; like reservation etc. 

Still, constitution of India remains as the foundation of laws in India and guides Indian society. There were, and are, many groups which while enjoying the facilities guaranteed by constitution trying to suppress other’s rights. These forces are there in every country at all time. Hope that our constitution will remain as the guiding light for India in future. At the same time, our bulky constitution also needs to be fine-tuned from time to time without taking away the fundamental rights.


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