Thursday, October 5, 2017

Guns and blood red roses – A disaster which could have averted

Everyday when I go out, there is one thing I am sure about. Whatever happens, there is hardly any chance to encounter anyone who empty out bullets on unknown strangers in the street. Even during heated arguments or on trips to other places I am safe. Maximum people may hit me or cause some physical injuries but there is little chance that I may have to face people roaming around with automatic guns. British during Raj (even though it was for their own good) practically made firearms out of the reach of common people. Independent India made it more difficult to for her citizens to get weapons. It is another matter that that even the police are using guns of stone age!!!

What make Las Vegas shooting spree a tragedy is, US administration fails to do what that they should have been done decades back. Why a common citizen, whose rights are backed by one of the most formidable judicial system and police force in the world want to roam around with guns? That too with those sophisticated automatic weapons which most Police forces around the world never used. 
Why it is still a right for a person to carry guns provided the fact that, he/she in a bad rage can take it out and unleash unspeakable horror. Terrorists can easily get their hands-on weapons. Gangsters won’t have any trouble in getting their toys. Why common people are forced to live in under the shadow of fear?

It’s ironic that, even after sacrificing so many precious lives; USA as a country, is yet to learn basics. As David Hemenway of Harvard pointed out, since 1970 more Americans died due to gun violence than all Americans who died due to all wars in American history right from American revolution. Everyday some 92 Americans die due to guns. Remember these people are not victims of some disease which don’t have a cure, not victims of terrorists, not victims of natural calamity… but victims of an item and an idea which don’t have a place in modern society. The earlier US administration and Senate recognize it, the better. If you can’t ban it outright, then at last make it very difficult to buy.



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