Monday, November 10, 2014

Are we substituting the original news with adrenaline driven debates?

What is the difference between news and opinion?

Opinion is, “A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”.

Now-a-days I am seeing Indian media spends more energy in debates, where panels composed of activists, social workers, politicians, strategic analysts etc. discuss and reach an opinion by sitting at their chair in the comfort of studios or home. Is this, we the audience, expecting from news channel?

What are the main problems our country is facing today? Is it the statements of some politicians, some infighting in some political dynasties or what happens in Delhi, Mumbai and sometimes in J&K and UP?

What about hundreds of life stories from central, eastern and north-eastern India? What about problems faced by tribals? What about the ever increasing child death rates in Kerala’s tribal belts? What about the problems faced by farmers of Vidarbha? What about the infrastructure problems faced by people from Odisha? What about people’s raising interest in viewing their fellow neighbors through religious prism instead of considering them as fellow human being?  Isn’t these and many other stories are not worthy of primetimes?

Or do we have to turn to BBC to see that?


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