Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sachin, Rekha… it’s better to quit if you can’t attend Parliament

Watching Arnab’s debate on TimesNow about our absentee MPs – especially Sachin and Rekha. I agree with Arnab, if Sachin and Rekha can’t attend parliament it’s better for them to resign. What is point of having them in Parliament; if they are NOT going to participate in debates, voting, using MPLAD funds?

This disease is not limited to Sachin and Rekha. Many of our MPs are MPs in name only. They hardly go to Parliament, hardly speak to people from their constituency, hardly participate in debate, hardly use MPLAD funds for the development of their constituency, hardly suggest any modifications for any bill…

You may be thinking after all what is happening in Parliament. Who is actually participating in debate? other than walkout and making noises what else going on in parliament? Well that is not fully true, our parliament too functions sometimes. What we need is MPs who are atleast committed to come to parliament and participate in representative democracy.


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