Friday, June 20, 2014

Facebook post is enough to create riots in India?

In this new world people often express emotions more in Facebook than in real world. It doesn’t matter whether you know the guy staying in the next apartment or say good morning to a person you meet on the way to office. What matters is increasing the number of friends and likes.

Now anyone having a compatible device and an internet connection can create an account and post whatever he/she wants. There is absolutely nothing that stops him/her from doing it (unless the state implements a firewall more efficient than Chinese one). Basically it’s beyond the control of any government or any court. By the time someone brings a court order to take down one post, that guy may create another anonymous account and post something else. You know this is the situation and the person sitting next to you may also know this is the situation. Problem is action is seldom governed by reasoning.

Look at the situation in Pune. As per newspaper reports “morphed images of (former) Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray and Maratha warrior king Shivaji surfaced on facebook and then on Whatsup. The reference to the two personalities was insulting.” – The Hindu (June 19, Page 11)

However this was enough to create tensions in one of India’s major city – Pune, which aspired to become the Detroit of India. In the following events one guy was killed as well.
Now think about the situation again. Posting something somewhere by someone is enough to create a riot like situation in a major Indian city. Remember, we are not talking about any remote villages but about metros and tier two cities. If this is the case, then why our enemies need guns and rockets to fight against us? They simply need to post 10 messages every day.


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