Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ayodhya: There is a dying river too

As I pointed out in previous articles most of India’s major rivers are polluted to such an extent that, they may no longer be able to support cities and villages located on banks. Many rivers are holy to Hindu’s, they consider them as mothers. Unfortunately, mother’s status didn’t help them from escaping from extreme pollution; disappearance of river bed because of sand mining; loss of catchment areas to illegal processions; loss of huge quantities of water(beyond sustainable limit) etc.

Saryu’s case is not different. Legendry river of Ramayana fame is suffering heavily under human intervention.

There is a big cry from one community for building a new temple; to reconstruct a mosque (or for maintaining the status quo) from another one. However there isn’t much concern for protecting Saryu, the river which sustained life in Ayodya and still providing drinking water for thousands living on her banks. After all Saryu may not raise religious fever in people’s mind or generate votes much like temple-mosque problems do. But should that stop common people like us from saving Saryu?



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