Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pakistani Police serving the nation by slapping attempt to murder case against a 9 month old

Older people often say, "one day your bad deeds will catch up with you". Many victims, who don’t have the financial muscle to fight in courts, may find consolation in God's court.

One of the main characteristics of a civilized society is its commitment towards justice and rule of the law. Pakistan too is not different in this case. Even though they failed to find(really?) and prosecute Bin Ladan; Hafiz Saeed; and numerous terror groups who explodes bombs on Pakistani cities etc, people should not believe that Police is not doing their job.

Recently, "Slum residents threw stones at gas company workers who had tried to disconnect households that failed to pay their bills, leading the police to charge an entire family with attempted murder".

By the way, they also slapped an ‘attempt to murder’ charge on a 9 month old boy as well :)



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