Saturday, January 18, 2014

Police, ATM and ‘Law and Order’

After the attack on a Corporation Bank employee - Jyothi Uday,  inside an ATM counter located on the side of an important road in Bangalore, Police is after the banks. Bangalore Police’s request is simple, appoint security guards for all ATM’s or shut it down. Obviously banks can’t shut down ATMs for a longer time, so the only option left is appoint security guards.

However, appointing security guards comes with its own set of problems. First of all, it should be 24*7; 24 hours a day means, three shifts; appointing three people for every ATM. Different banks can bring the ATMs under a building and share the security cost. Still, it’s a big amount. Now, banks won’t accept this additional burden. They will pass it on to customers. In short we will end up paying for that.

My question is what are the primary jobs of a state? Isn’t law and order coming under that?

According to TOI report, "Police commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar said the city [Bangalore] police will come up with a circular latest on Monday and will initiate action against the ATMs in the city that lacks security. "We are not going to postpone the deadline and we have sought the feed back from the banks today. We will compile the data and will even go to an extent of closing down the ATMs which do not have proper security measures..."

I am wondering what Police will do, if every commercial establishment have to go for the services of private security agencies? What happened to that person, who attacked Jyothi inside the ATM in that morning? As far as I know, even after having video footage from ATM’s camera, Police is yet to nab that person. Why don’t they arrest that guy and then give advice to banks?

Police has to seriously think about what they are doing and what are people’s expectations about them.



1. Bankers meet with cops on ATM security inconclusive - TOI
2. Bangalore ATM attack: A month later, survivor leaves hospital, but awaits attacker's arrest - NDTV

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