Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LalBagh - Through my lens, on an Independence Day

My plan was to spend that entire Thursday - India's 67th Independence day - on banks of Sharavati River near Jog Falls. However, due to rains and some other reasons I had to drop the plan and spend that day in Bangalore's famous LalBagh gardens.

Main gate of LalBagh gardens. Known as 'Red Garden' in English, LalBagh botanical garden in southern Bangalore was originally commissioned by Hyder Ali. Later his son Tipu Sultan finished the work. This Garden also contains a lake of same name.

Yellow......... Welcoming people coming to the garden

Lal Bagh Gardens are based on the designs famous Mughal Gardens

A girl looking towards the people entering to the garden

For independence day entry fees was 50 INR, including flower show. No separate charge for Cameras

Me too. There were so many camera and so many clicks. A from the Glass House 

Along with the flow of time, I am also changing. Some deep sighs from flower

Colourful India - There were many verity of flowers, multi-coloured leaves etc

Police need to learn a lot about crowd management. I agree the queue was long, but what is the point of going there if I can't spend some time looking towards it? They were blowing whistle non-stop indicating the crowd to move forward. 

Glass House in the garden was modeled on London's Crystal Palace. This was the main attraction on 67th independence day

Am I looking good?

Crowd in front of glass house. Light rains were there when I entered the garden

This may be a moment of celebration for you. But I have to sell this balloon to get something to eat. RTE is yet to reach this kid.

One for me as well.. People from all areas of life came to Bangalore city to celebrate 67th I-Day

There were many kids selling eatable items in the garden. Many street vendors came with their full family to fully utilize the tourist booms.. various snacks, fruits, juices and more.

Touching the sky...

Lake - Calm, Quiet and Beautiful

How is mu colour? Do you like?


People are trying various positions to get a good picture in camera.

Romance is evergreen, ageless, faceless and infinite. 

Pulling it down

In the middle I grow

Kemba Gowda's - this feudatory ruler under Vijayanagar is considered as the founder of Bangalore - statue 


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