Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Law Commission of India released Consultation paper on Electoral reforms: Last date to submit suggestions - June 30

1.2bn people, 1.2bn ideas. Out of that, a good percentage will definitely turn out to be effective as well as practical. However, an idea which looks perfect in paper may be a monumental failure in practical scenarios. As someone said, we don’t need to have perfect solution for all problems, what we need is a solution which can handle practical scenarios.

What make democracy better than other forms of administration is - it gives an opportunity for people to elect their representatives for a period of time and vote them out if they are not up to the expectations. For this process to work we need to have proper elections - transparency in election funding, revealing the sources of funds for political parties, accountability, eliminating paid news phenomenon, stopping electoral offence like booth capturing etc.

Considering the seriousness of issue, Law Commission of India prepared a consultation paper to get feedback from all stakeholders – political parties, NGOs, elected representatives, voters etc. "The Commission proposes to focus largely on... qualifications/disqualifications of  those seeking election, or disqualification of the persons already elected; modes, methods and quantum of funding of elections; transparency, accountability and sources of spending by political parties and their respective candidates during elections; regulations and ethical conduct of political parties or candidates participating in elections; filing of false affidavits – A ground for disqualification; electronic and print Media – impact of ‘paid news’; quantum of punishment for electoral offences; and adjudication of election disputes etc."

Consultation Paper is available at http://lawcommissionofindia.nic.in. Those who want to submit comments/suggestions can send their written comments to "Secretary, Law Commission of India, Hindustan Times House, 14th Floor, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001" or e-mail it to "lci-dla@nic.in" before 30th June, 2013.

Submit your suggestions today itself and make an impact on our election process.


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