Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making Strategic Decisions

We often face situations, where we have to take decisions. It may be quite as simple as, selecting the flavour of an ice-cream or as complex as the selection of a life partner. In both cases, we have to face the consequence of our choices. Choices, selections, alternatives, affordability of a making a mistake, procrastination etc plays a big role in life. For e.g. how often you can switch your career? How often you can buy a home? How often you will be able to make big investments in equity markets? How often you can recover from a bad presentation, you had with a potential and influential client? How often you can change your life partner? How often you are ready to accept your mistake and say sorry? How often you will decide to go all the way, to defend your rights?

Whether good or bad, often the simple selection of a choice will lead us to such a distance that, we may even forget the way. As a Malayalam proverb says, “If you feel angry and jumped in to a well, you can’t come out of that, even if you feel 100 times of that initial anger”.

Many of us often try to procrastinate while taking decisions; especially when it is difficult to choose from alternatives. Sometimes, people want somebody else to take decisions for them. At other times, we may say if we could escape from this... But remember, the selection of ‘not taking a decision’ itself is a decision.
Below mentioned are some articles, which I think may help you in taking your decisions.

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