Saturday, November 3, 2012

The brutal face of honour killings

Honour is not something which can be gained by killing their own daughters. Yet, many people are dishonouring the society by doing exactly the same.

People are raping others, pouring acid in the face, beating the victims, what more they are doing everything they can do, for a phrase whose meaning they don’t understand.

According to a recent BBC report, "A mother and father in Pakistani-administered Kashmir have been arrested for murdering their 15-year-old daughter by dousing her with acid "in the name of an honour", police say."

Reason? According to the local police officer, "girl's father became enraged when he saw his daughter "looking at two boys" riding on a motorcycle outside their home on Monday." It was enough for him to suspect that, she has an illegitimate relation with one of them.

He took her inside, thrashed her and poured acid over her with the help of his wife. The cruellest part is yet to come, until next morning they didn't take her to hospital. Just imagine the degree of pain that little girl suffered during that interval. In this serious condition - with 35% burns - she lasted till next day evening.

According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, in last year alone 943 women were killed in the name of honour.

Honour has many different meanings, but killing own daughter based on wildest imagination is not one of them. If parents’ imagination is taking this outrageous turns, then there will not be much daughters left to live.



1. BBC - Girl killed in Pakistani-administered Kashmir acid attack

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