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Mahindra Racing won 'Constructors title' in Italian National Motorcycle Racing Championship (CIV) 2012

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Constructor’s title, reminds us about the big names in auto industry - Honda, BMW, Toyota, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren etc.

In recently concluded CIV 2012, Mahindra racing won constructors title in 125GP class. According to the report on Mahindra Racing site,
'After making its CIV debut in 2012, Mahindra Racing became the first from India to win an international motorsport event when Moretti took the chequered flag at the season-opening race in Mugello, Italy on 25th March this year.

The team won 6 out of the 8 races in the championship with 3 spectacular double podiums. The Indian manufacturer is one among a handful of entrants using its own chassis and engine, developing new technology at the same time challenging the might of established racing factories that fill the rest of the grid."

CIV Manufacturers Title – 1) Mahindra 176 – 2) Aprilia 162 – 3) Honda 50 – 4) KTM 34;

Vallelunga Circuit Results – 125 GP CIV Italian Championship Round 8: 1) Popov (Mahindra) – 2) Trautmann (Mahindra) – 3) Carpi (Aprilia).' - Mahindra Racing
 125GP is just one of seven other classes (Moto 3, Stock 600, Stock 1000, 600 Super sport, Moto 2 and Superbike) in CIV. The point here is, Mahindra won constructors title and seems to be using its own engine and chassis. This is certainly a good step forwards for Indian automotive industry, which is still struggling in manufacturing engines and gear boxes. This problem is severe in the case of cars and SUV. In the case of planes and helicopters etc the less say the better.

Take a look at the engines used by some of the successful four wheeler manufactures in India.

1. Mahindra Scorpio - Engine: Top mounted intercooler, Intercooled, mHawk CRDe, 4 Stroke, Turbo charged, DI
2. Tata Nano: 2 cylinder SOHC petrol Bosch multi-point fuel injection
3. Suzuki Splash/Maruti Suzuki Ritz - Fiat JTD 1.3 L (1248 cc) based engines
4. Suzuki Swift/Maruti Swift/Maruti Swift Dzire - Fiat JTD 1.3 L (1248 cc) based engines
5. Suzuki Wagon R+ - Fiat JTD 1.3 L (1248 cc) based engines
6. TATA Indica Vista - Fiat JTD 1.3 L (1248 cc) based engines
7. TATA Indigo Manza - Fiat JTD 1.3 L (1248 cc) based engines
8. Suzuki SX4 - Fiat JTD 1.6 L (1598 cc) based engines
9. Suzuki SX4 - Fiat JTD 1.9 L (1910 cc) based engines

May be a victory for Mahindra will give a boost for Indian engine manufacturing sector.



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PS: It is very difficult to get the information related to original manufacturer of engines used by car and SUV manufactures. In case you have any detailed list, please post it here as a comment.

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

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