Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sudan and her southern sibling - Still far away from anything called peace

There were a lot of expectations when South Sudan becomes independent. Many thought that the fighting may stop now. At least peace prevails for sometime; some moments of escape for the people from the constant fear of death.

But the subsequent events extinguished even the smallest ray of hope. Within a short periods of time the next centre of tensions emerged - The oil rich Abyei and Nuba Mountain.  It seems like there is no scarcity for a reason to fight and weapons. The organised militias and state run armies often care less about the sufferings they are inflicting on the common people for some drops of oil or to propagate some claims.

Here the only two things which are not so scarce may be bullets and deaths.

Unfortunately African problems are not getting enough attention in the international circles. It looks like other than in the school atlas Africa doesn't exist for rest of the world. Other than popping up occasionally in the international conferences, the plights of Africans are not reaching properly in the international arena. Or did we accept massacres, tribal wars and ethnic cleansings as an African way of life?

Today international organizations and other countries have enough recourse to save Africa. They are not asking for international standards of life or other facilities. The only thing they are asking is some moments of peace, enough power to escape from the bullets accelerating towards them.


Picture courtesy: Wikipedia (Later edited to suit this article)

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