Wednesday, February 29, 2012

'Baad' - The curse of Afghan Women

I wonder, how people can punish one for others crimes? Let me ask you the question; are you ready to suffer humiliation, pain etc for something you didn't do? Born in a family is something, over which we don’t have any control, people can have relatives they don’t like, but nobody can change that. It’s a relation by accident.

This may be reason, why the framers of progressive laws only punish the murderer for a murder; the thief for the theft; the rapist for the rape etc. Not the accused person's mother, sister, brother, cousin or any other relatives. Then why Afghan woman should suffer humiliation, disgrace, persecution and torture for settling relative's disputes? Welcome to the notorious concept of 'Baad'.

‘Baad’ is a traditional practice of settling disputes in Pakistan and Afghanistan among Pushtun tribes in which a young girl is traded to settle a dispute for her older relatives. This may involve being used as payment for a financial dispute, as a means to avoid larger or longer-lasting arguments and grudges.

The unfortunate thing is even today this mechanism is in full swing. If this is the fate of many young Afghan women, what will be their future? Can anybody deprive half the population from their economic deeds, education and most of all the right to live a life with dignity? My answer is no, what about yours?



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