Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 census: Alarming fall in sex ratios – Are we yet to learn the basics?

2011 Census - Statewise
Results of one of the biggest head counts in the world didn’t have any startling statistics to reveal, but it underlined one of the critical issues, which we Indians are still not able to take head on – the falling sex ratios. It is important to note that critical factors – which are supposed  to improve the human living condition – like rising educational level, increasing literacy, growth in GDP, rising economic foot print, reducing poverty etc didn’t able to put a full stop to this alarming trend.

With 17%+ of world population – two times the combined population of US, UK, France, Russia (four permanent members in Security Council) – we may be the second biggest country in the world, by population, and even at this rate of population growth, one day we may overcome China too. How the population will look like if the sex ratios are continue to fall? Say after 8-10 decades?

According to the latest census the ratio of girls to boys among Indian children (under six years) is a mere 914 girls for every 1000 boys marking decline from 927 girls to every 1000 boys in 2001 census. It is important to note that the ratio was 976 girls for 1000 boys in 1961. 

Over and above, out of 28 states, other than Kerala, no other state have more than thousand females for 1000 males. And you may be disappointed to find out that development doesn’t reverse this phenomenon. In fact developed states like Haryana have one of the most skewed sex-ratios. No one have to remember any one else about the consequences. If we are allowing this trend to continue, then it may be one of biggest mistakes and the future history may not be able to forgive us.

As neither educational improvement nor economic development able to check this alarming trend, it’s the time for government to put a full stop to all the activities and happening in the society which creates problems for the birth of a girl child. If we are not doing anything and waiting for the next census report (2021) to come out then, as I already pointed out future history may never forgive us.


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