Thursday, November 19, 2009

US Policy towards India and China - Changing tables

[Facing the great Wall of Chinese Policy?]

What is the best way for US to get something done by China? The most efficient way may be showing more attachment to NewDelhi, Taiwan or start some military project with Japan etc or create a hint about the possible US criticism on the human right policies of China. US can easily do this, they have all the available means to execute this strategy.

What will happen if they ruled out all these options first (self goal), and went to China? I think the best answer will be “They can saw the great Chinese Wall” both literally and diplomatically.

This is what happened to the present US administration this time. They approached their biggest creditor without anything in hand, and saw the Great Chinese wall. As usually happens in deplomacy here too they discussed a lot on various issues. But as you know its not necessary that discussions always produce results. For example India and China are continuously discussing the border issues, making it one of the longest running border issues in the world. But even after numerous joint sessions it not solved.

Likewise the discussion went on many issues, and certainly produced results but all went in favour of China. Certainly a big victor for Chinese diplomats.

What about the problems concerning US? Is there any progress on

1. Iran nuclear issue?
2. Chinese Currency Policy?
3. Human rights issue?
4. Tibet?

[Changing Equations?]

As far as India is concerned the relation with US is becoming more and more strained day after day and the US - China joint statement give it more push downwards. The statement about the involvement of China in South Asian matters - Mainly Indo- Pak relations- was more than enough.

Already there are rumours that many of the policies agreed by former US administration and Indian government may be reworked by the new US government. There may not be any more joint exercises between the navies of India, US and Japan(After all its concern for China and Pakistan). The searching operation by US Air force to find the missing personal during the Second World War in Arunachal Pradesh may be abandoned or kept in cold storage.

It is certain that any policies to involve China in Indo – Pak issues won't be welcomed by India. Its said that the Semin -Clinton statement almost broked Jaswant Singh- Strobe Talbott talks. Now the statements came at a time when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is preparing to visit US. Certainly another great victory for Chinese diplomats.

Now every eyes will be in the coming US visit of Manmohan Singh. Will there be any improvement in relations? or will US allow to loose the tie slowly so that the impact will not be that much but make an end to the strong Indo - US ties built by former president George Bush and Dr Manmohan Singh?

If they are chosing the second way, then India too should opt for alternatives. The best thing to start with is to make strong ties with Russia and Iran. After all we dont have any problem with Iran and Russia is our one of the best friend for a long time.

The coming days may show more activities in diplomatic stage. But if the US policies goes in this way, the Indo - US relations will no longer be that much good.


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